COLT, the German Manufacturer are now a part of the Claude Nourisson group who also house the worldwide know range RISS. Bringing these 2 power houses in drilling and tooling technology has further cemented their position as workd leaders within their field. We at Tomaco are proud to be able to offer this range through a network of key retailers throughout he UK.

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As the range for both of these brands is so large, we are starting with the COLT range here but can access the thousands of products in their portfolio. If you would like further information on the range, I would encourage you to take a look at the catalogues for both brands here, or visit your local retailer where you can get further information.


The group have been around since 1897 so it would be fair to say that their knowledge and experience is second to none. Innovation is in the heart of their strategy, it is even their driving force. With a dedicated office for research and development in Germany, they work with the professional users to ensure that the products will benefit. Working COLT and RISS together, allows customers all over the world to benefit from an industrial synergy to ensure the best services


The brand name COLT remains for high innovative products. Our self- appointed mission has been to create the most efficient wood drill bits on the market for the serious woodworker.
The MaxiCut forstner bit range and the HSS-M2 5Star range has a unique and patented cutting head, which reduces the head development dramatically and prolongs the sharpness. The unique RotaStop Shank System eliminates the risk of rotation in the chuck and the damage of the shank. RotaStop will also lock and unlock quickly and easily in the MaxiCut Extension Rod and small allen screws are not necessary any more.
More top quality COLT wood boring products like TwinLand or ZeroMark can be found on our web page.