Woodworking Crafts Reader Review: CMT Jigsaw Blades

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CMT Jigsaw blades have been reviewed in the GMC magazine Woodworking Crafts magazine issue 5. This is done independently by readers and users of the tools to create a perfect balance and a very fair assessment. Results can be seen below with a high percentage in the Excellent bracket.

Reviewers comments

Walter Hall fitting the CMT blade to the

Matthew Sulley: I tried the blades in different materials of varying thicknesses, ranging from 3mm ply to 10mm European oak and 30mm pine. The blades performed extremely well on all materials, cutting at a good rate of speed for the relevant timber, creating clean, accurate cuts each time and maintaining a solid 90° angle to the horizontal with minimal deflection on the thickest timber. Breakout in ply was as to be expected with slight splintering on the upper face and the blade can jump about creating a less than perfect cut; however, by fitting a splinter guard and adjusting the pendulum action, this was totally eliminated to give a splinter free accurate cut. The speed and ease of cutting oak was excellent with very little splintering and none with the installation of the splinter guard.

Richard Thornton: The teeth appear to be very precisely ground, which results in a very fine finish. The recommendation is for use on 3-30mm material but I exceeded this by cutting some lengths of various 40mm thick wood. To prevent burning I used the first stage of pendulum action. Although destroying the fine finish on softwood, the results on hardwood were still quite good. I also tried fairly tight curves and found that I achieved good results down to 60mm radius. Within the recommended limits, all cuts experienced were good. On difficult oak veneered 4mm plywood, using a fairly high speed and a slow feed, the breakout was almost non-existent – even when cutting across the grain of the veneer – and virtually as good as a down cutting blade. Gary Fowler: The blades are well made, the packaging is good with plenty of information on the product. The blades cut well on all material tested, from 3mm even past 30mm thickness. Maximum thickness cut on test was 50mm. Breakout was minimal on a wide range of materials, including laminate flooring, plywood and various soft and hardwoods. I would have no problem recommending these blades.

Walter Hall: CMT products have a well deserved reputation for quality and these blades are no exception. They cut cleanly in hardwood, softwood, plywood and MDF. There was some breakout cross-cutting plywood but this is to be expected. Very little breakout when cross-cutting hard and softwoods and expected levels of breakout in plywood. Breakout reduced further with the Einhell splinter guard fitted to the saw.

James Bishop: I tested these blades on 19mm pine, 19mm laminate, MDF and 50mm pine. I didn’t encounter any problems on any of these test pieces, although I did experience a lot of breakout when cross-cutting pine, but no problems when ripping with the grain. Laminate suffered breakout but it was minimised by turning off the pendulum function of the jigsaw. It’s the combination of blade and jigsaw that produces the results and I can see no reason why these blades would not perform well in any jigsaw.

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Editor’s comment

These blades, as our testers have noted, are very high quality and comparable to Bosch and Festool blades. It would have been good to have a variety pack to try as there are various types of blade in the CMT range. Nevertheless, they have performed well and come highly recommended to readers!

Download the full WWC Magazine CMT Jigsaw blade review PDF.

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